Interview with Rose O'Leary

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Video transcript: "And one of the reasons why I think regeneration is an important concept is because we talk about decolonization a lot, but decolonization means to remove something. I don't disagree with the idea that we need to remove perhaps toxic ways of being. But I think in that removal you must also make a suggestion of what to replace with. So it's not enough to just decolonize, it's not enough to just take away. It also means instantiating or practicing things that replace the current practices. And in that, I think that is a model of regeneration. It's not that we don't know how to live in balance with the Earth, we have always known how to live in balance with the Earth; it's that we need to encourage that balance to start to take over our systems as we move into the future. And that needs to be a guiding principle when we create our economic systems, our social systems, our academic systems, our energy systems.

All of our ways of being in the world need to be focused on regenerating practices of valuing balance and equity among all living things."

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