Managing Extremity

Interview with Valerie Olson

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Video transcript: "So, it's an interesting problem if you look at environmental literature and you look at the invocation of the extreme concept in relation to the destruction of the environment, the destruction of environments caused by industrialization and proliferating capitalist models of growth and extraction. You have an understanding that the extremes of these activities are going to not be able to be externalized anymore. That now extremity, something that happens over there - too little water, too much water - changes extreme weather for example. Extreme contamination and pollution are actually going to be experienced by people who have managed through settler colonial privilege and wealth to keep extremes out of their lives, and to choose to be in or out of extremes, rather than to be subjected to them. It's a very interesting discursive formation that travels around and both creates a sense of impending doom and also creates a sense of possible innovation."

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